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Create a design overhaul for all Terasology related application and site. To achieve this, I utilize Google's material design concept that provides clean looking style & multi-device support.


  • Icon Pack
  • Color Pallete
  • Markdown Documentation Divider
  • Meta website template

Documentation: Generally, we try to follow Google's Material Design Guideline. The guidelines cover almost every design aspect. Everything from shadow, icons, colors, etc. I decided to choose Material Design over the other since it's one of the most refine design guideline I've ever saw, and it provides a clean looking interface for the user. Aside from that, Google have also implemented Material Design into Android application development. This will significantly boost our effort to create a mobile application for Terasology while maintaining the design concept we have in mind.

You can find more information about the CSS framework that we use in Materialize's Website. Materialize is a CSS framework that adopts Google Material Design Concept and provides a framework for developers to create a multi-platform website.

Color Pallete should be used to provide consistent color between UIs, you can easily use the color pallete by using the eyedropper tool that exist in most image manipulation software. The color that is used here follows the Material Design Color Guideline. This colors follows a certain rule make them harmonious and fit in with one-another.

Icon Pack used in this design is Material Design's Icon Pack since it harmoniously fits into the overall design look. Not only that, material design's icon pack is well known to be clearly distinguishable even in small sizes. Perfect for user interfaces and websites!

Banner Divider the banner divider is created with the color pallete in mind and icon pack in mind. We also adopted Material Design's shadow z-depth-1 to make sure it fits together with the overall design look.

TerasologyDesign repository is licensed under Apache 2.0.