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#include <stdio.h>
#define print_size(name, type) printf("size of %s: %li\n", (name), sizeof(type))
struct one_element_char {
char foo;
struct two_element_char_and_int {
char one;
int two;
int main() {
print_size("char", char);
print_size("int", int);
print_size("long int", long int);
print_size("float", float);
print_size("double", double);
print_size("struct with one element: char", struct one_element_char);
print_size("struct with two elements: char + int", struct two_element_char_and_int);
print_size("pointer to char", char *);
print_size("pointer to int", int *);
print_size("pointer to float", float *);
print_size("pointer to double", double *);
print_size("pointer of struct with one element: char", struct one_element_char *);
print_size("pointer of struct with two elements char + int", struct two_element_char_and_int *);
return 0;