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Capistrano Deployment Recipes for Ruby on Rails on the GNU/Linux Debian Etch Operating System. Uses only the dpkg manager for installation of the rails stack, while adding some useful administrative tasks.
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Howto build a full rails stack, on Debian Etch:

get the etchrec gem: 

  sudo gem install etchrec
login to your server, via. ssh, and change the root password (if you haven't already).  Logout.

Right now there are plans in work to create a generator, but for now, use deprec's while standing
in the root of your project directory:
  deprec --apply-to .

Modify this config file to suit your needs.  The one special thing that you must change is the
require at the top of the file.  Change it from:

  require 'deprec/recipes'

  require 'etchrec/recipes'
Then run the following tasks:

cap setup_admin_account_as_root 
 (add root password at prompt)
cap setup_ssh_keys
cap enable_security
  enter in a new port for ssh (and make sure to change this in deploy.rb)
  This will also remove the ability to login as root via ssh
cap install_rails_stack
cap setup
cap deploy_with_migrations
cap restart_apache

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