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= Authors
== Project Manager & Primary Developer
* Trans (Thomas Sawyer)
== Recent Contributors
The following developers have recently contributed to the development of Facets.
They are held in the highest regard for their efforts.
* Sandor Szücs Fixes for String#align_right and #align_left.
* Tyler Rick Fixed bug in Time#hence and #ago.
* Brian Candler Provided Enumerator::Filter.
* Jeena Paradies Provided INI implementation.
* Robert Klemme Fix for Enumerable#mode.
* Daniel Schierbeck Speed imporvements to odd? and even?
* Ken Bloom For DictionaryMatcher class (class might be renamed in future).
* Matthew Harris Incorporated very useful Duration class.
== Recent Bug Reports
The following developers have recently reported some bugs that led to corrections.
Special thanks to them for taking the time to file a report.
* Nick Caruso
* Evgeniy Dolzhenko
* Andy Freeman
* Tomasz Muras
* Dave Myron
== Rubyists of Distinction
All of the following persons have contributed to
Facets is some form or fashion over the years.
All of their hard work is greatly appreciated.
* Thibaut Barrère
* Daniel J. Berger
* Rich Bradley
* Paul Brannan
* Mikael Brockman
* Jamis Buck
* Renald Buter
* Shashank Date
* Robert Feldt
* Mauricio Fernandez
* Florian Frank
* Hal Fulton
* Noah Gibbs
* Michael Granger
* Florian Gross
* Sean O'Halpin
* Matthew Harris
* David Heinemeier Hansson
* Thomas-Ivo Heinen
* Dave Hoover
* Ara T. Howard
* MenTaLguY
* Mohammad Khan
* Robert Klemme
* Richard Laugesen
* Derek Lewis
* Jan Molic
* George Moschovitis
* Michael Neumann
* Tim Pease
* Jonas Pfenniger
* Ryan Platte
* Oliver Renaud
* Tyler Rick
* Christoph Rippel
* Daniel Schierbeck
* Louis J Scoras
* Gavin Sinclair
* Tilo Sloboda
* Phil Tomson
* Peter Vanbroekhoven
* Jim Weirich
* Jeff Wood
* Erik Veenstra
* Austin Ziegler
* Why The Lucky Stiff
If any names are missing from this list, please let me know
and I will correct immediately.