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Facets 2.6.0 removes htmlfilter.rb and cssfilter.rb due to licensing
incompatability. These scripts are now available as a separate package
called 'htmlfilter'. Also removed are a few MORE libs that were too
expiremental and/or not robust enough. Effectively this finishes up
the "spring cleaning" of the MORE lib mentioned a few releases back.
But it also marks a new start in trimming MORE down further. We have
decided to do this for three reasons 1) Some of the MORE libs would
be better served as separate projects. 2) Facets will become a tighter
library, primarily focused on extensions. And 3) all libraries involved
will become easier to maintain and thus more robust in the long run.
This release also fixes an important arity bug with the recently added
Module#extend method --one of the very few actual core overrides in Facets.
### 2.6.0 / 2009-07-03
* 7 Major Enhancements
* Removed htmlfilter.rb due to licensing issues.
* Also removed cssfilter.rb ('gem install htmlfilter' now)
* Removed rwdelegator.rb, simply not a robust solution.
* Removed buildable.rb, api is too confusing.
* Removed meta.rb which was not very useful and too expiremental anyway.
* Removed prototype.rb, which needs it's own project.
* 3 Minor Enhancements
* Removed Kernel#__HERE__ as it simply cannot work.
(Ruby 1.9.2 will offer #source_location for the same, btw)
* Returned binding/opvars to core.
* Added Integer#length as suggested by Victor H. Goff III.
* 1 Bug Fix
* Fixed arity issue with Module#extend.