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fast_git_deploy is a series of cap tasks to speed up capistrano deploys by using git as the version source instead of checking out + symlinking on each release.

The process is used internally at github and is described in

Here's some perf stats (taken from a while back on a very, very slow machine):

Before (with fast_remote_cache deploy strategy):

$ time cap staging deploy:update


real	1m56.811s
user	0m0.560s
sys	0m0.118s


$ time cap staging deploy:update


real	0m19.987s
user	0m0.538s
sys	0m0.110s

Install it into your app:


gem 'capistrano'
gem 'fast_git_deploy'


require 'fast_git_deploy'

Switch an existing project:

cap deploy:warm

Setup a new project:

cap deploy:setup
cap deploy:cold
cap deploy