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Deprecation warning (RAILS_ROOT) under Rails 3 #12

wincent opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Just started experimenting with Rails 3 and am seeing deprecation warnings on starting up the server or the console in the Rails development/test environments:

DEPRECATION WARNING: RAILS_ROOT is deprecated! Use Rails.root instead. (called from load_example_data at src/vendor/gems/fixture_replacement-3.0.1/lib/fixture_replacement/class_methods.rb:20)

Haven't actually got the app up and running yet under Rails 3, so can't confirm whether FixtureReplacement actually works or not yet.

If I can get it working I'll see if I can whip up a patch to silence the warning.



Thanks wincent. I haven't tried to use it with rails 3 yet. I'll update when rails 3 support is added.


Pushed a couple of commits to the "rails3" branch in my fork:

One makes the spec and test suites pass under Rails 3.

The other silences the deprecation warning.

I didn't update the tests yet, so currently only the RAILS_ROOT code path is being tested. Let me know if you think the other code path should be tested (although it seems a bit convoluted).



Hey Wincent,

I'll look to merge these changes into the main repository either tonight or tomorrow.


According to fixture_replacement should use a Railtie to make sure Rails.root is set. I did not look into how to do that, but the problem just hit my setup making Rails 3 unable to find my example data.


Great, thanks. I've used that approach in my rails3 branch

It works now ...

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