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The basics of an ActiveRecord clone in Objective C (with hopefully less magic).



#import "iOrm.h"

@interface User : iOrm {
    NSString *firstName;
    NSString *lastName;

@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *firstName;
@property (nonatomic, retain) NSString *lastName;



#import "User.h"

@implementation User
@synthesize firstName;
@synthesize lastName;

Usage - saving + updating:

User *user = [[User alloc] init];
user.firstName = @"Scott";
user.lastName = @"Taylor";
[user save]; //=> 1


NSArray *results = [User findBySql: @"firstName = ?", @"Scott"];
[results count] //=> 1
User *user = [results objectAtIndex: 0];
user.firstName // => @"Scott"

Executing raw sql:

[iOrm executeSql: @"select * from user where first_name = ?", @"Scott"];
// - this will not cast the objects back into a type, so you'll get a raw FMResultSet back
// - anything other than a select just returns a BOOL = true.  Query errors NSException raise:format:

Close the db connection:

[iOrmSingleton closeConnection];


  • table name = class name (so 'user' for the 'User' class)
  • id field is always named "id"
  • column names = property names (only the properties with equivalent column names will be saved)
  • db is always named db.sqlite3 (although can be set [iOrmSingleton setupConnectionWithPath])

Running Tests

  1. Open this xcode project
  2. Select the "iOrmLogicTests" + "iPhone Simulator" target from the toolbar
  3. Press CMD-U to run the tests