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Error fetching ndb #4

diogobaeder opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I'm using ndb as a submodule, and I'm having problems trying to recursively fetch it from github, because the ndb's submodule "spec/espionage" is failing to be cloned. Could you please take a look?



Ok - that's now updated in the dev branch. Note that you should also delete any submodule entires in .git/config before you run submodule update --init again.

Out of curiosity, how/why are you using it as a submodule?


Thanks for the correction.

I'm using as a submodule because I thought it would be easier for other contributors of my project to deal with debuggind, but after a second thought it's more logical to have such a tool as an external dependency. I'll not put it as a submodule again, but use it as a stand-alone aplication. :-)


Neat. Let me know when you've released it.

Also, AFAIK, all of those dependencies are only for running specs.

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