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require 'ftools'
require 'erb'
# Install a newrelic.yml file into the local config directory.
# If no such directory exists, install it in ~/.newrelic.
# If a config file already exists, print a warning and exit.
if "config"
dest_dir = "config"
dest_dir = File.join(ENV["HOME"],".newrelic") rescue nil
FileUtils.mkdir(dest_dir) if dest_dir
src_config_file = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),"newrelic.yml")
dest_config_file = File.join(dest_dir, "newrelic.yml") if dest_dir
if !dest_dir
STDERR.puts "Could not find a config or ~/.newrelic directory to locate the default newrelic.yml file"
elsif File::exists? dest_config_file
STDERR.puts "\nA config file already exists at #{dest_config_file}.\n"
generated_for_user = ""
license_key = "PASTE_YOUR_KEY_HERE"
yaml = dest_config_file, 'w' ) do |out|
out.puts yaml
puts, 'README'))
puts "\n--------------------------------------------------------\n"
puts "Installing a default configuration file in #{dest_dir}."
puts "To monitor your application in production mode, you must enter a license key."
puts "See #{dest_config_file}"
puts "For a license key, sign up at"