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Project Management Checklist:
- Who are the stakeholders?
- Who is our primary contact on the project for the client?
- Who ultimately makes the decisions on the project for the client (is it someone other than the primary contact - e.g. a CEO who pops his head in at the last minute, etc.)
- Who is the project leader on our end (Jeff, Josh, Emily, ...)?
- What are the main goals of the project? How can they be measured?
- What is most important, ranked in order for the project?
- features
- time of launch
- bugs (non-critical)
- performance / scaling
- What signifies the end of the project (or this phase of the project)?
- What features are acceptable to leave out / leave broken in this launch? (Nice-to-have vs. essential features for which the product cannot launch)
- What do we anticipate being difficult on this project? What is unique about this one?
- What third-party dependencies do we have?
- Who is the tech lead for the project?
- Who is the project manager? Who's responsibility is it to communicate with the client?
- What are the milestones/deliverables?
- What are internal milestones / deliverables?
- How long after this phase of launch will bugs / feature requests be fixed/fielded?
Resource / Planning:
- Do we have wireframes and/or mockups for this phase of the project?
- What is the duration of the project?
- Is the tech lead also the project manager for the project?
- What resources (design / dev) are available? How much time will each person dedicate per week to the project?
- What are the major components of the app?
- What are the unknowns (feature-wise)?
- What are the major risks on this project?
- Do we have gantt charts / time boxing or something similar to figure out who is building what, and at what time?
- How often should internal QA checks be performed? How much time will it take to perform an internal QA check?
- How often should this list be reevaluated in the project?
- What should be added to this list / removed from this list for the next iteration?
- What should be added to this list / removed from this list for succeeding projects?
- Have all dev/pre-deployment standards been met?
- Is everything on the "must-have" list completed?
- Do we have sign-off from the client?
- What critical bugs are left outstanding?
- Are there any critical features left unfinished / incomplete?
- What "nice to haves" work is left to do? What is the schedule/plan for doing it (if at all)?
- What ongoing maintenance is still to come?
- What is the defect rate after in production / after this release?
If not a version 1 release, how does the defect rate compare to previous versions?
- Are all reported LH bugs fixed?
- Are all (internal app reported) hoptoad errors fixed?