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- allow CFLAGS=-DPRINT_UNPACK_ERRORS=0 to suppress
unpack warnings from being printed at compile time (Andrei Nigmatulin)
- give error if an unknown wire-type is encountered (Andrei Nigmatulin)
- fix technically possible overflows during unpack of very
large messages (Andrei Nigmatulin)
- [UNFINISHED] windows RPC work
- use automake's "foreign" mode from within
and add version information to the library (Robert Edmonds)
- ProtobufCServiceDescriptor::method_indices_by_name: missing
const. (Issue 21)
- Update to support new UnknownFields API. (fix by dcreager) (Issue 20)
- build issue on platforms which don't compute library dependencies
- fix for certain types of corrupt messages (Landon Fuller) (issue 16)
- build issue: needed $(EXEEXT) in dependency lists for cygwin
- bug fix: protobuf_c_service_get_method_by_name() was not correct b/c
the service's methods were not sorted by name (the header file
used to incorrectly state that they were).
Now we correctly implement protobuf_c_service_get_method_by_name()
(using a bsearch indexed by separate array).
- generated source incompatibility: we added a new
member to ProtobufCServiceDescriptor (method_indices_by_name).
You will have to run the latest protobuf
to generate those structures.
- rename rpc-client's "autoretry" mechanism to "autoreconnect".
- bug fixes using TCP clients with the RPC system.
- handle allocation failures more gracefully (Jason Lunz) (issue 15)
- Destroy function typedef for Services was omitting a "*"
- service_machgen_invoke was broken. (issue 12)
- add RPC system (BETA)
- don't segfault when packing NULL strings and messages. (issue 13)
- memory leak: unknown fields were not being freed by free_unpacked()
- lowercase field names consistently when composing
default_value names. (issue 11)
- remove spurious semicolon (issue 10)
- Warning suppression for -Wcast-qual and -Wshadow.
- Support for default values of all types allowed by core protobuf.
- Generate message__init functions, for when the static initializer
isn't convenient.
- add some reserved fields at the end of the various descriptors
- License now included in major files.
- Use little-endian optimizations; fix a bug therein.
- Include 'make deb' target.
- Update to work with protobuf 2.0.1.
- Minor pedantic concerns about generated code.
- Lots of test code (and bug fixes).
- Initial release.