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These instructions assume a UNIX or UNIX-like environment. I'm not sure how to get
this to build under Windows. Suggestions welcomed.
First, you'll need the 'mkrf' library to build the C extension if you don't already
have it installed. If you use Rubygems, it should be as simple as:
$ sudo gem install mkrf
Once you have that installed, patch and install the Abiword link-grammar library
that comes with this source (or download it yourself if you wish):
$ tar -xvzf link-grammar-4.3.5.tar.gz
$ cd link-grammar-4.3.5
$ patch -p1 < ../link-grammar-4.3.5.patch
$ ./configure; make; sudo make install
$ cd ..
Now build, test, and install the Ruby library:
$ rake
$ sudo rake install
That's it!