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0.20 - 2002/12/09
Fix the "too many dots in the beginning of the line" bug.
Add munge_subject_threshold and reject_threshold options to the
spamassassin plugin. Add documentation to the spamassassin plugin.
Add -p to mkdir in log/run (Rasjid Wilcox <>)
clamav plugin, thanks to Matt Sergeant,
Enabling this might require you to increase your "softlimit" in
the run file.
Make the spamassassin plugin not stop the next content plugins from
Store hooks runtime config globally so they will work within the
transaction objects too.
content_log plugin - log the content of all mails for
debugging. Robert Spier <>.
http_config plugin - get configuration via http
plugins can take arguments via their line in the "plugins" file
make the quit_fortune plugin check that the fortune program exists
0.12 - 2002/10/17
Better error messages when a plugin fails
Remove some debug messages in the log
Fix NOOP command with perl 5.6.
Better installation instructions and error message when no plugin
allowed or denied relaying (thanks to Lars Rander
Use /usr/bin/perl instead of the non-standard /home/perl/bin/perl
0.11 - 2002/10/09
Make a "queue" plugin hook and move the qmail-queue functionality
to plugins/queue/qmail-queue. This allows you to make qpsmtpd
delivery mail via smtp or lmtp or into a database or whatever you want.
Reorganize most of into Qpsmtpd/
Add spool_dir option (thanks to Ross Mueller <>)
Add plugin name to the "hooks" data structure, so we can log plugin
module had an error when we run a hook.
Make klez filter run for mails bigger than 220KB; they are sometimes
bigger than that.
Avoid "use of uninitialized variable" warning when the "MAIL" or the
"RCPT" command is executed without a parameter.
Compatibility with perl 5.5.3.
Fix "Could not print" error message in the TcpServer object. (Thanks
to Ross Mueller <>)
dnsbl plugin queues lookups in the background upon connect but
doesn't block for the results until they are needed, greatly
speeding up connection times. Also fix a typo in the dnsbl plugin
so it'll actually work(!).
check_badmailfrom and check_badrcptto plugins (Jim Winstead
Better RFC conformance. (Reset transactions after the DATA command and
when the MAIL command is being done)
0.10 - 2002/09/08
New object oriented internals
Very flexible plugin
All functionality not core to SMTP moved to plugins
Can accept mails as large as your file system will allow (instead of
up to as much memory you would allow qpsmtpd to eat).
Add klez_filter plugin
Support more return codes for data_post
Document data_post
Add plugin name to the log entries when plugins use log()
Add plugin_name method to the default plugin object.
Improve error handling in the spamassassin plugin
Spool message bodies to a tmp file so we can support HUGE messages
API to read the message body (undocumented, subject to change)
data_post hook (undocumented)
SpamAssassin plugin (connects to spamd on localhost), see
DNS RBL and RHSBL support via plugins.
More hooks.
First (non functional) version of the new object oriented mail engine (0.10).
Changes on the old v0.0x branch:
Klez filter (thanks to Robert Spier)
Bumped version number to 0.07
Support comments in configuration files (prefix the line with #)
Support RELAYCLIENT like qmail-smtpd (thanks to Marius Kjeldahl
<> and Zukka Zitting <>)
If the connection fails while in DATA we would just accept the
message. Ouch! Thanks to Devin Carraway <> for the
Allow [] for the hostname when checking if the dns resolves
assorted fixes; getting dnsbl's to actually work
fixing the maximum message size (databytes) stuff (thanks for the
spot to Andrew Pam <>)
support and enable taint checking (thanks to Devin Carraway
Make the MAIL FROM host dns check configurable. (thanks to Devin
Add more documentation to the README file.
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