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<head><title>qpsmtpd Mailing list - Develooper LLC</title>
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| <a href="index.html">Home</a>
| <b>Mailinglist</b>
| <a href="get.html">Download</a>
| <a href="license.html">License</a>
<h1>qpsmtpd Mailing list</h1>
Send mail to <a href=""></a>
to subscribe. There is also a
<a href="">web archive</a> and a <a href="news://">nntp interface</a>.
Most development activity occurs (still) on the qpsmtpd list, but we have a
separate list for commit messages and such. It's called qpsmtpd-dev. <a href="">Web archive</a> and a <a href="news://">nntp interface</a>.
You can also <a href="">subscribe
to release notifications</a> over at the <a
href="">Freshmeat page for
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<span class="comments">
Comments to Ask Bj&oslash;rn Hansen at <a href=""></a>
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