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First thing to try is to set $TRACE in qpsmtpd to some number higher
than 0 (higher gives more detail) and watch the log. If it doesn't
help you, or even if it does, please post to the maliinglist
(subscription instructions above). qpsmtpd is meant to be a drop-in
replacement for qmail-smtpd, so it should be very easy to get going.
Configuration files:
All configuration files goes into $DIR/config/ or /var/qmail/control/
qpsmtpd is supposed to support all the files that qmail-smtpd
supports and use them in the same way. When you find that it is not
the case, feel free to send a patch to the mailinglist or to
Extra files you can use to configure qpsmtpd:
Right hand side blocking lists, one per line. For example: does not accept bounces -
See for more examples.
Normal ip based dns blocking lists ("RBLs"). For example:
If this file contains anything but a 0 on the first line,
envelope senders will be checked against DNS. If an A or a MX
record can't be found the mail command will return a soft
rejection (450).
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