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Jim Winstead <>: the core "command dispatch"
system in qpsmtpd is taken from his colobus nntp server. The
check_badmailfrom and check_mailrcptto plugins.
Devin Carraway <>: Patch to not accept half mails if
the connection gets dropped at the wrong moment. Support and enable
taint checking. MAIL FROM host dns check configurable. HELO hook.
Andrew Pam <>: fixing the maximum message size
(databytes) stuff.
Marius Kjeldahl <>, Zukka Zitting
<>: Patches for supporting $ENV{RELAYCLIENT}
Robert Spier <>: Klez filter.
Matt Sergeant <>: Clamav plugin. Patch for the dnsbl
plugin to give us all the dns results. Resident SpamAssassin guru. PPerl.
Rasjid Wilcox <>: Lots of patches as per the
Changes file.
Kee Hinckley <>: Sent me the correct strftime
format for the dates in the "Received" headers.
... and many others per the Change file!
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