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New Name Suggestions
pez (or pezmail)
Near term roadmap
- Bugfixes
- add module requirements to the META.yml file
- Add user configuration plugin
- Add plugin API for checking if a local email address is valid
- use keyword "ESMTPA" in Received header in case of authentication to comply with RFC 3848.
Include the popular check_delivery[1] functionality via the 0.30 API
[1] until then get it from
Add API to reject individual recipients after the RCPT has been
accepted and generate individual bounce messages.
0.51: bugfixes
1.0bN: bugfixes (repeat until we run out of bugs to fix)
1.0.0: it just might happen!
1.1.0: new development
add whitelist support to the dnsbl plugin (and maybe to the rhsbl
plugin too). Preferably both supporting DNS based whitelists and
filebased (CDB) ones.
plugin support;
allow plugins to return multiple response lines (does it have to
join them to one for SMTP?)
support plugins for the rest of the commands.
specify a priority in register_hook. ("LAST", "FIRST", "MIDDLE", or
maybe a number)
plugin access to the data line by line during the DATA phase
(instead of just after)
if qmail-queue can't be loaded we still return 250 ?!
Make a system for configuring the plugins per user/domain/...
support databytes per user / domain
plugin to reject mails from <> if it has multiple recipients.
localiphost - support foo@[a.b.c.d] addresses
support smtpgreeting (?)
TRACE in is not actually being used. Should it be?
Move dispatch() etc from to to allow other similar
protocols to use the qpsmtpd framework.
Future Ideas
Methods to create a bounce message easily; partly so we can accept a
mail for one user but bounce it right away for another RCPT'er.
The data_post hook should be able to put in the notes what addresses
should go through, bounce and get rejected respectively, and qpsmtpd
should just do the right thing. See also
David Carraway has some thoughts for "user filters"
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