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-Qpsmtpd-dev is a fork of Qpsmtpd. Qpsmtpd is a very good SMTP daemon for
-developers and hackers (admittedly, its focus). The plugin system is great
-but the plugin organization, documentation, and consistency left much
-to be desired.
+Qpsmtpd is a very good SMTP daemon for developers and hackers.
-The primary focus of the -dev branch is improving the consistency and
-behavior of the plugins. After using one plugin, the knowledge gained
-should carry over to other plugins.
-Secondary goals are making it easier to install, reducing code duplication,
+Current goals are making it easier to install, reducing code duplication,
reducing complexity, and cooperation between plugins. Anything covered
-in Perl Best Practices is also fair game.
+in Perl Best Practices is fair game.
-So far, the main changes between the release and dev branches have focused
-on these goals:
+Recent changes have been made towards these goals:
- plugins use is_immune and is_naughty instead of a local methods
- plugins log a single entry summarizing their disposition
@@ -36,7 +28,7 @@ For most sites, even DNSBL, SPF, DKIM, and SpamAssassin tests alone are insuffic
- -
+ -
- Bugfixes - qpsmtpd is extremely stable (in production since 2001), but
there are always more things to fix.
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