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plugins.pod: much simpler way to get debug logging

for individual plugins
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47 docs/plugins.pod
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ hook.
Log messages can be written to the log file (or STDERR if you use the
F<logging/warn> plugin) with
- $self->qp->log($loglevel, $logmessage);
+ $self->log($loglevel, $logmessage);
The log level is one of (from low to high priority)
@@ -257,49 +257,8 @@ LOGEMERG
-While debugging your plugins, you want to set the log level in the F<logging>
-config file to I<LOGDEBUG>. This will log very much data. To restrict this
-output just to the plugin you are debugging, you can use the following plugin:
-FIXME: Test if this really works as inteded ;-)
- # logging/debug_plugin - just show LOGDEBUG messages of one plugin
- # Usage:
- # logging/debug_plugin my_plugin LOGLEVEL
- #
- # LOGLEVEL is the log level for all other log messages
- use Qpsmtpd::Constants;
- sub register {
- my ($self, $qp, $plugin, $loglevel) = @_;
- die "no plugin name given"
- unless $plugin;
- $loglevel = "LOGWARN"
- unless defined $loglevel;
- $self->{_plugin} = $plugin;
- $self->{_level} = Qpsmtpd::Constants::log_level($loglevel);
- $self->{_level} = LOGWARN
- unless defined $self->{_level};
- }
- sub hook_logging {
- my ($self, $transaction, $trace, $hook, $plugin, @log) = @_;
- return(OK) # drop these lines
- if $plugin ne $self->{_plugin} and $trace > $self->{_level};
- return(DECLINED);
- }
-The above plugin should be loaded before the default logging plugin, which
-logs with I<LOGDEBUG>. The plugin name must be the one returned by the
-C<plugin_name()> method of the debugged plugin. This is probably not
-the same as the name of the plugin (i.e. not the same you write in the
-F<plugins> config file). In doubt: take a look in the log file for lines
-like C<queue::qmail_2dqueue hooking queue> (here: F<queue/qmail-queue>
-=E<gt> F<queue::qmail_2dqueue>).
+While debugging your plugins, set your plugins loglevel to LOGDEBUG. This
+will log every logging statement within your plugin.
For more information about logging, see F<docs/logging.pod>.

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