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@@ -72,7 +72,18 @@ be compatible with qmail-smtpd making qpsmtpd a drop-in replacement.
If there is anything missing, then please send a patch (or just
information about what's missing) to the mailinglist or to
+Better Performance
+As of version 0.21 qpsmtpd supports "PPerl"
+"PPerl turns ordinary perl scripts into long running daemons, making
+subsequent executions extremely fast. It forks several processes for
+each script, allowing many processes to call the script at once."
@@ -29,12 +29,14 @@ protocols to use the qpsmtpd framework.
Future Ideas
-Run under pperl. There is some perl internals problem with it. Matt
-Sergeant is looking into it.
Methods to create a bounce message easily; partly so we can accept a
mail for one user but bounce it right away for another RCPT'er.
+The data_post hook should be able to put in the notes what addresses
+should go through, bounce and get rejected respectively, and qpsmtpd
+should just do the right thing. See also
David Carraway has some thoughts for "user filters"

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