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Fromhost #21

merged 2 commits into from Jun 4, 2012

2 participants

qpsmtpd member

require_resolvable_fromhost: refactored, added: POD, tests, reject, reject_type


I realize you didn't change this, but just reformatted it, but:

Why does this plugin depend on TcpServer? Shouldn't we always check for AAAA records? (I might not be remembering correctly how this stuff works, obviously!)

qpsmtpd member

I don't know enough about the other deployment models (yet) to say about the dependency.

If we're receiving the message in an IPv4 address, and we do not have a IPv6 address, then we obviously could not contact, reply-to, or bounce the message if they only had an AAAA record. I think whoever wrote this had the right idea.

@abh abh merged commit bfa7324 into smtpd:master Jun 4, 2012
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