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bringing in 0.94 #36

merged 376 commits into from Jan 11, 2014

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msimerson and others added some commits Nov 14, 2012
@msimerson msimerson TcpServer, improve IPv6 support, by Michael Holzt 161834f
@msimerson msimerson SPF: more logging additions 6758195
Matt Simerson summarize: check more locations to discover QP dir e9cf061
Matt Simerson log/run: removed spurious space b0f5618
Matt Simerson dspam: better error message if dspam_bin is not found 3127f4d
Matt Simerson qmail_deliverable: test variable if defined before accessing 74d97d3
Matt Simerson spamassassin: further log message refinement 4928792
@msimerson msimerson registry: added auth_ prefixes, relay aliases 1cfd7df
@msimerson msimerson summarize: recognize tcpserver log entries e46c6e3
@msimerson msimerson clamdscan: default is scan always, even authenticated 96f49c9
@msimerson msimerson run: define PORT variable 6e731e8
@msimerson msimerson logs: improve ability to find logs 77c892d
@msimerson msimerson helo: added is_plain_ip to lenient checks
there's no excuse for a client to ever send a raw IP, and I have yet to see a valid client do it
@msimerson msimerson karma: added adjust_karma method
makes it easier to set karma in plugins
@msimerson msimerson added log/show_message, dropped .pl suffix
to be consistent with other QP scripts
@msimerson msimerson config: replace domainkeys with dkim
dkim is the heir apparent
the Mail::DomainKeys perl module is deprecated (per it's author)
@msimerson msimerson karma: added error keyword to error log messages aa4e102
@msimerson msimerson registry: renamed clamd abb3 from cad to clm 809390b
@msimerson msimerson added missing semicolon 7eedea8
@msimerson msimerson log/summarize: added auth formats ba6a04e
@msimerson msimerson config/plugins: better defaults, additional entries 3145a37
@msimerson msimerson log/summarize: narrower column when no geoip city data present 17abbfe
@msimerson msimerson log/show_message: fixed QP dir detection 9ffdd14
@msimerson msimerson resolvable_fromhost: additional logging 335a71e
@msimerson msimerson earlytalker: lower karma for earlytalkers 376bd49
@msimerson msimerson allow messages with no body: Robin's patch df715db
@msimerson msimerson change loglevel from 9 to 6
more appropriate loglevel for users
@msimerson msimerson dnsbl rejections handled by naughty plugin 2b02f6b
@msimerson msimerson update plugin/headers config entry
use future/past instead of days:

-headers days 5 reject_type temp require From,Date
+headers reject 1 reject_type temp require From,Date future 2 past 15
@msimerson msimerson removed duplicate naughty from config 000db0a
@msimerson msimerson added vpopmail_ext to qmail_deliverable plugin ab1b211
@msimerson msimerson spamassassin: added 'headers none' option
enables suppression of SA header insertion
@msimerson msimerson whitelist: added debug log message & std plugin
@msimerson msimerson spf: improved support for IPv6 clients b8baa4b
@msimerson msimerson TcpServer, improve IPv6 support, by Michael Holzt 61f7ea0
@msimerson msimerson fixed invalid operator
which produced this warning:
   Useless use of string eq in void context at lib/Qpsmtpd/ line 639.
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of
@msimerson msimerson fix relayclient test after commit b8baa4b
which added example IPv6 IPs to the config file
@msimerson msimerson SA: suppress undefined variable warnings 427e92e
@msimerson msimerson dnsbl: fixed plugin test failure 01b623d
@msimerson msimerson dnsbl test: don't cry about test failures that
depend on working network & DNS.
@msimerson msimerson SPF: use $conn->relay_client instead of duplicated
is_in_relayclients method. Expects relay plugin to have set relay_client, a reasonable assumption.
@msimerson msimerson fixed test for commit 78cab52 c77e304
@msimerson msimerson SPF: removed test for removed is_in_relayclients() d75ce70
@msimerson msimerson headers: simplify required headers logic 60d0c8b
@msimerson msimerson dkim: added some missing POD text 81aa6a6
@msimerson msimerson arrange sample plugins by SMTP phase
and add comments to that effect, provides the uninitiated with clues
about which data each plugin actions upon
@msimerson msimerson dspam: change reject 'agree' to .95 score b89272c
@msimerson msimerson several adjustments for tests f56c200
@msimerson msimerson run: added commented example for port 587 3355d5c
@msimerson msimerson MANIFEST: packaging update 5881267
@msimerson msimerson qmail_deliverable: reject null sender to ezmlm lis 1081461
@msimerson msimerson clamdscan: replace immunity check with naught test
immunity check was disabled by default, as it wasn't a good policy. OTOH, a naughty check is a sensible default, as we can skip processing on messages we already decided to reject.
@msimerson msimerson relay: better error handling and logging
detect failures in calls to Net::IP for relayclient entries that don't parse.
@msimerson msimerson dspam: improve logging and config error reporting 37cb63c
@msimerson msimerson replace all instances of split '' with split //
newer versions of perl don't accept split '' syntax any longer
@msimerson msimerson helo: avoid undef warning when rDNS is invalid
specifically, when rDNS returns an invalid FQDN like 'null.', which doesn't have
a domain part.
@msimerson msimerson updated more split '' syntax to split // 4a745d6
@msimerson msimerson log/summarize: improve formatting so vertical
columns are consistent, regardless of when the connection is ended.
@msimerson msimerson v0.91 bump for release 5758412
@msimerson msimerson uribl plugin: added 'pass' prefix to log message d06eac3
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 11874aa
@jokey2k jokey2k Update qpsmtpd-forkserver
Drop block as it breaks with Net::DNS and should be safe according to
@msimerson msimerson Merge pull request #1 from jokey2k/patch-1
Fix for Net::DNS break
@msimerson msimerson plugins/helo: added RFC 5321 notes 22d1603
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of
merge in Net::DNS patch
@msimerson msimerson plugins/bogus_bounce: add Return-Path check
make sure return path is empty, per RFC 3834
@msimerson msimerson p0f: added path to socket in error message
if p0f cannot connect, provide a more descriptive error message. Particularly useful for a p0f plugin developer that runs both p0f v2 and v3 at the same time.
@msimerson msimerson karma_tool: release didn't. fixed.
also, preserve karma history when using karma_tool to capture/release
@msimerson msimerson qmail_deliverable: remove fail prefix from SMTP er
prefix should only be logged, not emitted during SMTP
@msimerson msimerson whitelist: added pass prefix to log entries a021234
@msimerson msimerson headers: added section # to RFC citation 548415e
@msimerson msimerson karma: general improvements
skip earlytalker checks for positive senders

limit negative karma senders to 1 concurrent connection (hosts_allow)
  added karma::hook_pre_connection, to make hosts_allow change possible

added karma score to log entries
@msimerson msimerson dspam: added use lib, removed some parens 537af7c
@msimerson msimerson helo: added comments a108629
@jokey2k jokey2k Sanitize spamd_sock path for perl taint mode f198157
@msimerson msimerson adjust_karma now increments properly 5f9aed1
@msimerson msimerson log/watch: raise default # of log lines to parse 170fdc9
@msimerson msimerson logs: suppress perl errors in summary output 03641b3
@msimerson msimerson karma_tool: optimized for speedy IP search, IPv6
fixed one IPv6 issue
@msimerson msimerson geoip: added too_far option 79a5c3d
@msimerson msimerson badrcptto: smite matches with -2 karma
useful for (reject=>naughty) + spam filter training
@msimerson msimerson dnsbl: smite blacklisted IPs with -1 karma d427f43
@msimerson msimerson dspam: be more conservative with karma awards
previous settings were reasonable for a well trained dspam. After starting with a fresh dspam, the settings were not optimal for the amount of naive that a default dspam is.
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 1a7f2c2
@msimerson msimerson Merge pull request #2 from jokey2k/patch-2
Sanitize spamd_sock path for perl taint mode
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 08da0fe
@msimerson msimerson spamassassin: assign karma for autolearn message
also removed 'use lib', to be consistent with most other plugins
and improved grammar
@msimerson msimerson earlytalker: if we skip for +karma, log it
and remove IP from log (not IPv6 optimal)
@msimerson msimerson headers: smite poorly behaved senders with -karma e01843f
@msimerson msimerson helo: smite senders that fail the selected tests
and made log entries more terse
@msimerson msimerson hosts_allow: allow +karma senders +3 concurrents
this is really useful if you set max-per-ip to <= 3.
@msimerson msimerson p0f: added smite_os, assign -karma by OS aaa2241
@msimerson msimerson relay: give +2 karma boost to relay IPs 309fdbe
@msimerson msimerson whitelist: add +5 karma to whitelisted IPs a639fc7
@msimerson msimerson karma: be a bit more conservative
require at least -2 karma before smiting
also, add +1 karma to senders with karma_history > 10
@msimerson msimerson naughty: improve POD 4e3b338
@msimerson msimerson qm_deliverable: added reject option, karma smite
award senders -1 karma to senders to invalid addresses
@msimerson msimerson fcrdns: new plugin for Forward Confirmed rDNS 12f1de2
@msimerson msimerson badmailfrom: fix reject message typo 31609e3
msimerson added some commits Apr 21, 2013
@msimerson msimerson dmarc: added relaxed alignment tests b59000c
@msimerson msimerson Plugin: override dns_timeout by passing in a value 8122fcf
@msimerson msimerson dkim: when signing, use signing domain when we
finding the signing key in a different directory than the sending (eg: instead of
@msimerson msimerson dmarc: weed out SPF records from initial search
use a variable instead of array to count list (not using RR address after all)
@msimerson msimerson moved tls plugin to the top of the config
it must be listed before other connection plugins for port 465
place it up there just in case
@msimerson msimerson auth_chkpw: added pass|fail prefix to log msgs 7d88c51
@msimerson msimerson tls: added pass|fail prefix to a couple log msgs 7199743
@msimerson msimerson dkim: reduce INFO logging to once per connect f1aa848
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: gzip -9, and clean up test db
and a perltidy
@msimerson msimerson log2sql: populate plugins table from registry.txt
much easier for local customizations.
moved SQL connection settings to config/log2sql
@msimerson msimerson qmail_deliverable: smite null sender to email list f63c029
@msimerson msimerson docs/logging: corrected example register() syntax 050aa4b
@msimerson msimerson added modules required by several of the plugins
and imported bin/, preparing for a future where QP is almost easy to install
@msimerson msimerson bump RAM from 150 to 200MB
DKIM message signing needs more RAM
@msimerson msimerson split is_immune into itself + is_naughty
is_immune tests designates to plugins they should always skip processing.

That's typical for naughty connections, but this change provides the ability to handly naughty connections differently than (whitelisted/relayclients/known good) senders.
@msimerson msimerson summarize shows a narrower screen by default.
passing in -l for when your term windows is more than 200 chars wide will show more detail
@msimerson msimerson dmarc: improving and updating POD 88e6ce6
@msimerson msimerson SPF: arrage flow so if a pass result is possible,
we will get it and set the note for DMARC plugin
@msimerson msimerson dmarc: added support for DMARC policy pct=NNN b4ee962
@msimerson msimerson SPF: added more precise disposition logs, so that
postprocess can determine if a SPF failure caused a rejection
@msimerson msimerson docs/logging: added description of log prefixes 6947c4f
@msimerson msimerson docs/logging: added description of log prefixes f7a5970
@msimerson msimerson distinguish rejecting versus tolerated failures 736e3b6
@msimerson msimerson karma: limit rcpts to 1 for senders with neg karma b3ca4e3
@msimerson msimerson rcpt_ok: do immunity checks earlier, so that
disposition logs don't indicate failure for authenticated senders
@msimerson msimerson run: increase RAM from 200 to 300MB (dkim)
still seeing (infrequent) "too large" errors validating DKIM signatures
@msimerson msimerson dmarc test: comments in the public list was
allowing certain org domain searches to fail (, b/c a email address was in the public list). Now I anchor the searches to the start of the line. This test also catches edge cases like, which isn't listed, but a wildcard *.uk is.
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 5f27a1e
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of
@msimerson msimerson see if removing Mail::SPF makes Travis happy 96c27d4
@msimerson msimerson .travis.yml: added perl 5.16 b7a00a3
@msimerson msimerson try disabling Time::TAI64, update MANIFEST d02fbd2
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: disable Geo::IP module ad08e7b
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: comment out Mail::Spamassassin af3d795
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: reenable Time::TAI64 2a192c4
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: added clean { *.bak } 9e204aa
@msimerson msimerson dmarc: added subdomain policy handling f854736
@msimerson msimerson install_deps: handle comments in Makefile.PL 5ca971d
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of fc83226
@msimerson msimerson split config args on /\s+/, was / / c3c5643
@msimerson msimerson Qpsmtpd: untaint config data passed to plugins
if QP passes in tainted data, such as a hostname that subsequently gets used to open a connection using IO::Socket, the plugin die because the information is tainted. Fix it once here, instead of in each plugin.
@msimerson msimerson auth_vpopmaild: added taint checking to responses 887e3ca
@msimerson msimerson replace run with separate run for the 2 common
deployment methods. Rather than having to edit the run file, it's much easier to rename the run file.
Moved qpsmtpd* into bin/
@msimerson msimerson revert movement of qp bins to bin/
plugin dir, config dir, spool dir, all have different logic about where/how to find their config. The logic needs some untangling and unification before attempting this again.
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: added more disabled dependencies
DBI: commented out, but included for documentation's sake
@msimerson msimerson summarize: strip out unprintable chars cebf995
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL, added comments, stating where the
disabled plugins are used
@msimerson msimerson summarize: move parts of main while loop to subs
and added POD
@msimerson msimerson updated Changes 51645b8
@msimerson msimerson reduce auth details from Received header. 5eab739
@msimerson msimerson MANIFEST: updated with run.* files 9d74793
@msimerson msimerson added daemontools, ucspi-tcp to install list ebe72f6
@msimerson msimerson spf enabled in config/plugins by default
the plugin will detect if Mail::SPF is missing and not register it's hooks
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 1731542
@msimerson msimerson raised default max msg size in clamdscan from 128k
added max_size on config, so it's likely to get noticed, since even 1M is probably too low for most sites. This should likely default to the same as databytes?
@msimerson msimerson summarize: fix syntax error cf5f1bb
@msimerson msimerson is_naughty is a setter now too 9c095ab
@msimerson msimerson store envelope from and to in connection notes 5538824
@msimerson msimerson headers: assign zeroes to avoid undef errors 2a61746
@msimerson msimerson Makefile.PL: added commented Math::Complex c80bcf8
@msimerson msimerson added Authentication-Results header, with provider
dkim, dmarc, fcrdns (iprev), spf, and smtp-auth
@msimerson msimerson tested and working Authentication-Results
changed the method of saving results. Instead of appending to/from a header, plugins save results to a connection note. has a new method that inserts the Authentication-Results header
The smtp-auth information has been removed from the Received header

Authentication-Results providing plugins have been updated to store results in connection note
@msimerson msimerson define positioning of Authentication-Results header e32154e
@msimerson msimerson remove plaintext UPGRADING (.pod added by Ask) c330517
@msimerson msimerson removed a diff block from docs/config.pod 5b3f616
@msimerson msimerson TcpServer: optimize DNS lookups for PTR
a. don't use search path (/etc/resolv.conf)
b. explicitely specify PTR in query request
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of
@msimerson msimerson move Auth-Results header to Original-Auth-Results
this was in a sub, commented out as a TODO to delete them. Instead of deleting, move the Authentication-Results header on incoming messages to the Original-A-R.
@msimerson msimerson STATUS: removed -dev comments 7a9ae2c
@msimerson msimerson Changes: updated with 0.93 changes 2a12acc
@msimerson msimerson remove plaintext UPGRADING (.pod added by Ask) 14d5bad
@msimerson msimerson removed a diff block from docs/config.pod 6b4b714
@msimerson msimerson TcpServer: optimize DNS lookups for PTR
a. don't use search path (/etc/resolv.conf)
b. explicitely specify PTR in query request
@msimerson msimerson move Auth-Results header to Original-Auth-Results
this was in a sub, commented out as a TODO to delete them. Instead of deleting, move the Authentication-Results header on incoming messages to the Original-A-R.
@msimerson msimerson STATUS: removed -dev comments 04634fe
@msimerson msimerson Changes: updated with 0.93 changes f78da4b
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 6ea12f0
@msimerson msimerson made is_naughty is now a getter too 2416d1e
@msimerson msimerson log/summarize: set undefined strings as empty str
avoids undef warnings
@msimerson msimerson dmarc integrated with Mail::DMARC
reimplemented dmarc module to use Mail::DMARC
updated SPF plugin to save SPF results in dmarc_spf note
update dkim to store DKIM results in dkim_result & dkim_verifier notes
@msimerson msimerson added dmarc (run SPF & DKIM) first comment 7a855d4
@msimerson msimerson dspam: remove hard coded default in train_ methods 725a8d1
@msimerson msimerson headers: added POD descripting each header 96dfb08
@msimerson msimerson geoip: added named array for invalid args
so it passes Perl::Critic tests
@msimerson msimerson updated DMARC plugin tests
disabled for now, b/c they tested methods which no longer exist in new plugin
@msimerson msimerson Qpsmtpd: version bump to 0.94 fd4cc6f
@msimerson msimerson tls: reduced importants of an info message
from WARN to INFO
@msimerson msimerson karma: added penalty for spammy TLDs 02da55e
@msimerson msimerson helo: add karma penalty for no HELO hostname bcc6ada
@msimerson msimerson anglebrackets: increase penalty, prefix log msgs 4531648
@msimerson msimerson naughty: legibility improvement 2d4f4a2
@msimerson msimerson updated Changes with some 0.94 commits 0e0cda6
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of 81bf413
@msimerson msimerson clamdscan: add support for remote TCP/IP clamd
previous version only worked when clamd was running on the same machine and had access to the spool file. This version also works with a remote clamd.
@msimerson msimerson Merge branch 'master' of git://
@msimerson msimerson headers: use a more descriptive variable name 4d1b9ff
@msimerson msimerson dmarc: skip processing for null sender 3a47dd2
@msimerson msimerson domainkeys: fixed doc typo 0fee545
@msimerson msimerson merged commit 0c41c01 into smtpd:master Jan 11, 2014
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