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Hook.io Redis is a client-wrapper around node_redis for interacting with a Redis server. Any command passed into the hook will be sent on to Redis, but this probably makes most sense in the context of persisting data into Redis, rather than reading it out.

For a hook for using Redis pubsub messages to emit events, please see hook.io-redis.


This is a very early release, and is currently lacking several important features (not least tests), so will probably break unpleasantly if you try and use it.


git clone git@github.com:smulube/hook.io-redis-client.git
cd hook.io-redis-client
npm install
node bin/redis-client

Using NPM

npm install hook.io-redis-client
hook.io-redis-client --debug

Note, using the default options hookio-redis-client will attempt to connect to Redis running on localhost on port 6379.

Hook Event Names

Event listeners

redis::client::exec command - exec a single Redis command and pass result to callback.

redis::client::multi array - array of command objects to execute within a single multi transaction

Event emitters

redis::client::connect - event emitted when the hook is connected to Redis

redis::client::ready - event emitted when the Redis is ready to start receiving commands

redis::client::error - event emitted on an error when interacting with Redis.

redis::client::end - event emitted if Redis shuts down

Command object

Currently commands are sent to Redis as objects like this:

  command: "lpush",
  params: [ "key", "value" ]


  command: "ltrim",
  params: [ "key", 0, 20 ]

That is: the Redis command we are trying to execute, followed by an array of parameters. Parameters should match what the server is expecting or bad things will happen.