MailChimp Banana-za: and in-browser game designed to drive you crazy.
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MailChimp Banana-za

MailChimp Banana-za is an interactive browser game in which you chase the MailChimp chimp around the screen, all the while the chimp is throwing insults at you. Made to be ironically irreverant, as I have the utmost respect for MailChimp and the user of this game.

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Getting Started

Visit the live demo at:

To play, simply start clicking on the chimp. Beware, this game can get pretty frustrating! See how long you can last.

Problems Faced

The main problem I face with this projects was breaking it down into smaller pieces. I knew the direction I wanted to go in but was unsure how to make all the pieces work at once. The stages the project was broken down to were as follows:

  1. Make a button clickable on the page.
  2. Add an array of insults that are looped through when the button is clicked.
  3. Make the button jump to new places when the button is clicked a certain number of times.
  4. Make the button continuously move randomly around the screen after a certain number of clicks.
  5. Add decoy buttons that also continuously move around the page after a certain number of clicks.
  6. Loop the game without clearing the board, so the game gets harder every time it's restarted.
  7. Style the game to include the MailChimp chimp and CSS animated bananas.

Each problem was only one google search away from working, making the project more fun and kept my momentum going.