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Command.handle broken (commit gone) #24

rduplain opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

Ron DuPlain Michael Elsdörfer Sean Lynch
Ron DuPlain

What happend to commit?

You pulled it, but now it doesn't work anymore.
This breaks Flask-Celery.

I will have make Flask-Celery force install an older version until this is fixed.
Thanks, in advance!

Michael Elsdörfer

This is a duplicate of #16. I had a patch on Bitbucket which restores this commit, and I'd be happy to port it to the current state.

I care about this issue because it allows removal of the terrible capture_all_args mode that I contributed a while ago, but which really isn't necessary with Ask's changes. Removing it is a backwards-incompatibility, which is why I wish this had happened 18 months ago.

Ron DuPlain

Flask-Script 0.3.2 fixes this. Is there still an open issue here?

Michael Elsdörfer

I don't think it does. The change is not in the current codebase. The point of it is to move the argument parsing from the Manager to the Command class, so that a command can do argument parsing in an entirely different way if it wants to.

I (and I believe Ask as well) would like to use this to wrap command lines from third party libraries.

Michael Elsdörfer

To clarify further: Yes, the Command class now has a handle method, but it receives an already preparsed Namespace instance, the actual parsing is still done in Manager.handle.

Ron DuPlain

To clarify the current release: Flask-Celery 2.4.2 no longer uses the Flask-Script-fix package, as it works against Flask-Script 0.3.2 and up (confirmed by Ask on #pocoo today). As you point out, there's still work to be done in moving all parsing to the Command class.


Sean Lynch techniq closed this
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