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Use standard IPython startup instead of embed #74

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Fixes #73


One reason I changed to use embed was it was part of the public API ( and consistent across versions (after 0.10). I agree and understand the reason not to use it (especially coming from an IPython developer). A couple issues I see with the current pull request:

  • IPython 1.x moved the ipapp module from IPython.frontend.terminal to IPython.terminal so we need some more conditional logic to get TerminalIPythonApp imported
  • Issue #36 was opened wanting the default profile loaded. I saw in the Django issue that this goes back and forth, and ultimately in issue #36 the request was to have the confirm_ext = False. I really don't want to expose another argument in Shell()'s constructor so I think this should just always be set to False (I figure 95%+ would prefer this, if not 100% :) ) or expose it as a Flask config parameter (maybe a key like SCRIPT_IPYTHON_CONFIRM_EXIT) but I don't know at this point if it even needs to be exposed.

Yeah as for #36 I agree there's no point to add an argument for confirm_ext, when a better way to do that would be via ipython config. The main thing should be to get user configuration loading correctly. I also realized my patch is broken as it doesn't seem to pull in the user context, so I need to figure that out as well. I'll see if I can add conditional support for the various versions also.


I just got a chance to look to see how Django is handling this and see that IPython 1.x now has a public API IPython.start_ipython() which looks like what we should be using moving forward (in case it's namespace moves again).

It also seems like you're doing a lot with the TerminalIPythonApp and TerminalInteractiveShell instances. Is all this needed / is there a cleaning way?


Unfortunately start_ipython() doesn't take user_ns (yet). See my stackoverflow question here:

Ideally ipython should be using TerminalIPythonApp. Unfortunately this is the best way I've found to do it while still supporting a custom user_ns and banner.


Seems to work for me

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  1. +30 −10 flask_script/
40 flask_script/
@@ -230,6 +230,35 @@ def get_context(self):
return self.make_context()
+ def ipython(self, context):
+ try:
+ # 0.10.x
+ from IPython.Shell import IPShellEmbed
+ ipshell = IPShellEmbed(banner=self.banner)
+ ipshell(global_ns=dict(), local_ns=context)
+ except ImportError:
+ # 0.12+
+ try:
+ from IPython.terminal import ipapp
+ except ImportError:
+ from IPython.frontend.terminal import ipapp
+ app = ipapp.TerminalIPythonApp.instance()
+ shell = ipapp.TerminalInteractiveShell.instance(
+ parent=app,
+ display_banner=False,
+ profile_dir=app.profile_dir,
+ ipython_dir=app.ipython_dir,
+ user_ns=context,
+ banner1=self.banner)
+ shell.configurables.append(app)
+ = shell
+ # shell has already been initialized, so we have to monkeypatch
+ # app.init_shell() to act as no-op
+ app.init_shell = lambda: None
+ app.initialize(argv=[])
+ app.start()
def run(self, no_ipython, no_bpython):
Runs the shell. If no_bpython is False or use_bpython is True, then
@@ -249,17 +278,8 @@ def run(self, no_ipython, no_bpython):
if not no_ipython:
- # Try IPython
- try:
- # 0.10.x
- from IPython.Shell import IPShellEmbed
- ipshell = IPShellEmbed(banner=self.banner)
- ipshell(global_ns=dict(), local_ns=context)
- except ImportError:
- # 0.12+
- from IPython import embed
- embed(banner1=self.banner, user_ns=context)
+ self.ipython(context)
except ImportError:
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