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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
Templates and tools to build the Cinnamox Cinnamon theme - further development of the Cinnamox Cinnamon theme has moved to cinnamox-gtk-theme.
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Cinnamox Theme Master


This repo is now archived. Ongoing development of the cinnamon theme is now undertaken at Cinnamox-gtk-theme


This repository contains the base templates and scripts used to make the Cinnamon element of the eight Cinnamox Themes.

Metacity, GTK2, GTK3.18 and GTK3.20 elements are built using tools at Cinnamox-gtk-theme a fork of Oomox-gtk-theme.

Cinnamox themes are compatible with Cinnamon 3.2+, GTK3.18 or GTK 3.20+ and require the gtk2-engines-murrine or gtk-engine-murrine package to be installed.

The current release version of the themes can be downloaded and installed via Cinnamon's Themes module in Cinnamon Settings or manually via Cinnamon Spices,, or from this Github repository.

Making your own variant of the Cinnamon theme

All Cinnamox themes are built from the base cinnamon.css template included in this repository via replacement of #place-holders with hexadecimal color codes. is the interactive script that conducts the build. It also creates the info.json, and the script. It includes a function for each Cinnamox variety which define the color codes used in the replacement. So to create another colour variation the easiest way is to create a new function with the color codes required and reference it in the choices dialogue. A little bit of bash knowledge is required. If you want to change other elements of the theme other than the color work on the cinnamon.css template directly.

As an example here is the function for Cinnamox-Aubergine

function aubergine {
	LIGHTBG="#77216F"; TEXT="#f2d9f0"; SELTEXT="#000000"; DARKBG="#2c001e"; HIGHLIGHT="#e95420";
	LOWTRANSLIGHTBG="rgba(119, 33, 111, 0.8)"; MODTRANSLIGHTBG="rgba(119, 33, 111, 0.65)"; HIGHTRANSLIGHTBG="rgba(119, 33, 111, 0.5)";
	LOWTRANSDARKBG="rgba(44, 0, 30, 0.9)"; MODTRANSDARKBG="rgba(44, 0, 30, 0.75)"; HIGHTRANSDARKBG="rgba(44, 0, 30, 0.6)";
	ALWAYSTRANLBG="rgba(119, 33, 111, 0.4)"; ALWAYSTRANDBG="rgba(44, 0, 30, 0.5)";
	WARNINGTXT="#e9dd00"; ERRORTXT="#e92041"; LINKTXT="#f2a9ec";
	THEMENAME="Cinnamox-Aubergine"; COLORDESC="a deep purple colour scheme and light text";

And here are what the variables do. If making your own colour variant each value must be unique. Where relevant please note where the same value is used in the Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors files for the matching GTK theme.

LIGHTBG - the lighter background shade in the theme gradients. BG in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition
TEXT	- primary foreground text/applet color. FG in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition
SELTEXT - the foreground text/applet color for selected items (e.g. on menu hover). SEL_FG in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition
DARKBG  - the darker background shade in the theme gradients. MENU_BG in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition
HIGHLIGHT - the selection highlight color. SEL_BG in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition
WARNINGTXT - used in cinnamon for the power applet as a low battery indicator. TERMINAL_COLOR11 in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition 
ERRORTXT - used in cinnamon for the power applet as a critical battery indicator. TERMINAL_COLOR9 in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition
LINKTXT - hyperlink text color. TERMINAL_COLOR4 in Cinnamox-gtk-theme colors definition

ALWAYSTRANLBG - this is used for the expo/scale view - it should be a transparent version of LIGHTBG
ALWAYSTRANDBG - this is used for the expo/scale view - it should be a transparent version of DARKBG

LOWTRANSLIGHTBG - low transparency version of LIGHTBG used in
MODTRANSLIGHTBG - medium transparency version of LIGHTBG used in
HIGHTRANSLIGHTBG - high transparency version of LIGHTBG used in
LOWTRANSDARKBG - low transparency version of DARKBG used in
MODTRANSDARKBG - medium transparency version of DARKBG used in
HIGHTRANSDARKBG - high transparency version of DARKBG used in

THEMENAME - the name of the theme!
COLORDESC - partial description string used to create the info.json and

Enough words - time for some eye candy


Cinnamox-Aubergine Cinnamox-Aubergine Cinnamox-Aubergine Cinnamox-Aubergine


Cinnamox-Gold-Spice Cinnamox-Gold-Spice Cinnamox-Gold-Spice Cinnamox-Gold-Spice


Cinnamox-Heather Cinnamox-Heather Cinnamox-Heather Cinnamox-Heather


Cinnamox-Kashmir-Blue Cinnamox-Kashmir-Blue Cinnamox-Kashmir-Blue Cinnamox-Kashmir-Blue


Cinnamox-Rhino Cinnamox-Rhino Cinnamox-Rhino Cinnamox-Rhino


Cinnamox-Rosso-Cursa Cinnamox-Rosso-Cursa Cinnamox-Rosso-Cursa Cinnamox-Rosso-Cursa


Cinnamox-Willow-Grove Cinnamox-Willow-Grove Cinnamox-Willow-Grove Cinnamox-Willow-Grove


Cinnamox-Zanah Cinnamox-Zanah Cinnamox-Zanah Cinnamox-Zanah

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