Create isolated environments for installing Go packages. Similar to virtualenv for Python.
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Goenv lets you create an isolated environment where you install Go packages, binaries, or even C libraries.

Goenv should work for most Unix variants as long as the terminal emulator is configured to use Bash. For MacOSX, everything except the C library support is expected to work. You are welcome to implement support for more shells and operating systems if you want to, e.g. for the Windows Command Prompt or full Bash support on MacOSX or Windows.


Create or update an environment:

$ goenv <path to environment>

Activate an environment:

$ . <path to environment>/sourceme.bash

The shell prompt will now be prefixed with the environment's folder name to indicate that the environment is active. You may have noted that the prefix has a certain color. This color was chosen randomly when you ran the goenv command. To set a new random color, run the goenv command again.

Deactivate an active environment:

$ deactivate



$ go get

If you have installed Go as root, and you have not set up a user level GOPATH and prepended "$GOPATH/bin" to your PATH environment variable, you might need to issue the command as root.

Feel free to create a proper package for your distro, if you want to.


The goenv tool was originally developed for use in the robot Loke (eng:Loki), that participated in the Eurobot competition in France in 2012 (