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Collaboration and Writing Workflows with Git and GitHub: A GC Digital Fellows Workshop, Spring 2016
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Collaboration and Writing Workflows with Git and GitHub

This repository is a space to think through the process of learning git and Github workflows, as well as store materials related to the GC Digital Fellows workshop in Spring 2016 taught by Mary Catherine Kinniburgh and Patrick Smyth.

Workshop description:

"Learn what makes Github such a powerful tool for both collaborative and individual projects in this introductory workshop. We will provide a conceptual overview of Git and Github, learn the basics of how to get started, and explore practical applications of Github for writing and computational workflows. This workshop will be applicable for a wide range of digital undertakings, from developing code, to working with datasets, to drafting public policy, and beyond."

Thanks to Michelle Johnson-McSweeney for coordinating event details and promotion, as well as Dennis Tenen and Evan Misshula for resources and conversations on git and Github tutorials.

GitHub and Markdown
Command Line Basics
Git Basics
Bonus Round: Forking and Pulling

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