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Hints for Contributors

  • Whenever you create a Pull Request (PR), a maintainer will self-assign themselves as the upstream. The upstream decides if your PR is accepted and might require you to amend additional changes before merging. You can expect the upstream to communicate clearly if there are any issues preventing your PR from being merged, and how they can be fixed. Once merged, the upstream will add the merged label to your PR. More on our Git workflow.

  • Target your PR against the branch you would like it to be merged into. Refer to the list of subsystem branches. When in doubt use master.

  • Feel free to @ping the assignee if you feel like your PR has been overlooked, and are waiting for a response.

  • You are also welcome to submit PRs you would like to receive feedback on, but which are not ready to be merged: include the labels [wip] in the title of PRs that require further work, and [sketch] for PRs that are not meant to be merged at all.

  • Please make sure your editor is configured to not emit tabs and use three spaces for indentation.

  • Our Documentation Guide gives pointers on how to contribute to the project's documentation.

  • If you wish to record a copyright notice with your contribution then you can optionally do this in the file src/COPYRIGHT; copyright notices in other files will be rejected.