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Testing Snabb

Running the Test Suite with Docker

The easiest way to setup a Snabb test environment is to use a Docker image that already contains everything needed, such as eugeneia/snabb-nfv-test:

docker pull eugeneia/snabb-nfv-test
cd snabb/src
scripts/ "(cd .. && make)" # Build within container
scripts/ make test

You can also test Snabb in an alternative Docker image by exporting SNABB_TEST_IMAGE.

Running the Test Suite directly on the Host

You will have to ensure that the dependencies are met. If you want to the NFV selftest, additional test assets are required. First you have to install QEMU on the host. Then you need to to download the correct VM images used by the test suite from []:

mkdir ~/.test_env
curl \
     | tar xvz -C ~/.test_env/

Once you have installed QEMU and populated ~/test_env you can run the test suite:

cd snabb/src
sudo make test

Running Benchmarks

Benchmarking Snabb is just one command away:

cd snabb/src
make benchmarks # Prefix with “scripts/ ” to run in container.

In addition to the environment variables described below, make benchmarks accepts another parameter: SNABB_PERF_SAMPLESIZE. By default, make benchmarks will run each benchmark once and print their results. When SNABB_PERF_SAMPLESIZE is set to a positive integer, make benchmarks will instead run each benchmark as many times and print their results as mean value and standard deviation.

The available benchmarks can be found under src/benchmarks/. You can inspect the individual benchmarks and/or run them individually, too.

Environment Variables

Some Snabb tests require configuration through environment variables. Described below are the environment variables used throughout the tests:

  • SNABB_PCI0, SNABB_PCI1—PCI addresses of two wired NICs. These are the only variables required to run most of the test suite.

  • SNABB_PCI_INTEL0, SNABB_PCI_INTEL1—Optional PCI addresses of two wired Intel NICs. These are preferred over SNABB_PCI0 and SNABB_PCI1 in Intel specific tests. Some Intel specific tests (namely packetblaster based benchmarks) will be skipped if these are not set.

  • SNABB_PCI_INTEL1G0, SNABB_PCI_INTEL1G1—Optional PCI addresses for use in Intel1G selftest.

  • SNABB_PCI_SOLARFLARE0, SNABB_PCI_SOLARFLARE1—Optional PCI addresses of two wired Solarflare NICs. These are preferred over SNABB_PCI0 and SNABB_PCI1 in Solarflare specific tests.

  • SNABB_TELNET0, SNABB_TELNET1—Optional telnet ports to use in tests that require them. The default is 5000 and 5001.

  • SNABB_PERF_SAMPLESIZE—Optional sample size for scripts/ The default is 1.

  • SNABB_PACKET_SIZES, SNABB_PACKET_SRC, SNABB_PACKET_DST—Optional --sizes, --src, and --dst arguments for tests using packetblaster synth.

  • SNABB_IPERF_BENCH_CONF, SNABB_DPDK_BENCH_CONF—Optional NFV configurations for program/snabbnfv/ bench and program/snabbnfv/

Running a SnabbBot CI Instance

SnabbBot (src/scripts/ is a shell script that acts as a continuous integration service for Snabb repositories hosted on GitHub. The You can run it on your own test hardware to provide unit and performance regression testing for the upstream repository or even your own Snabb fork.

System Requirements

  • Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu, RHEL, NixOS) including
  • bash
  • curl
  • awk
  • git
  • docker
  • jq
  • Intel 82599 NIC and an idle CPU core on the same NUMA node (optional, for Intel driver and Snabb NFV tests)
  • Solarflare SFN7 NIC and an idle CPU core on the same NUMA node (optional, for Solarflare driver tests)

SnabbBot must be run as root. It is recommended to run as a cron job like so:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# SnabbBot configuration:

flock -x -n /var/lock/snabb_bot /path/to/


SnabbBot is configured through the following environment variables:

  • GITHUB_CREDENTIALS—Required. GitHub credentials of the form username:password used to post statuses.

  • REPO—Optional. Target GitHub repository. Default is snabbco/snabb (upstream).

  • SNABBBOTDIR—Optional. SnabbBot cache directory. Default is /tmp/snabb_bot.