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@@ -17,12 +17,8 @@ The Snabb community are active in
[universal SIMD protocol offloads](, and
[applying compiler technology to networking](
You are welcome to join our community. If you have an application that
you want to build, or you want to use one that we are already
developing, or you want to contribute in some other way, then please
join the [snabb-devel mailing
list](!forum/snabb-devel) and read
You are welcome to join our community! Scroll down to the bottom for
tips on how you can get involved.
## Documentation
@@ -123,6 +119,7 @@ $ sudo snabb packetblaster replay capture.pcap 01:00.0
Here are the ways you can get involved:
- Use the Snabb applications in your network.
- Join the [snabb-devel mailing list](!forum/snabb-devel).
- Send a mail to [introduce yourself](!searchin/snabb-devel/introduce/snabb-devel/d8t6hGClnQY/flztyLiIGzoJ) to the community (don't be shy!).
- Create your very own application: [Getting Started](src/doc/
- Create Github Issues with your ideas and questions and problems.
- Hang out on the [Snabb Slack chat]( You can get a no-questions-asked invitation by mailing `` with the addresses/domains you want invited.

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