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  • SnabbNFV/IPsec fixes #1054
  • YANG schema for SnabbNFV #911
  • documentation fixes

I think its a good idea to merge the YANG schema because it is versioned in such a way that nothing prevents us from iterating over it in any direction. E.g. it reflects the current state of SnabbNFV, the schema’s name is versioned (“snabb-nfvconfig-v1.yang”), when we break backwards compatibility we can just create v2.

eugeneia and others added some commits May 3, 2016
@eugeneia eugeneia snabbnfv: initial YANG model for configuration.
@eugeneia eugeneia snabb-nfvconfig.yang: s/gigabytes/gigabits. adde897
@eugeneia eugeneia snabb-nfvconfig.yang: Fix port.tunnel.type description. 3909d47
@eugeneia eugeneia snabb-nfvconfig.yang: Add initial revision.
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge branch 'master' into ipsec a8efdb7
@dpino dpino Reset IPv4 checksum before recalculating it
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge branch 'master' into snabbnfv-traffic-yang 86d67cc
@eugeneia eugeneia snabbnfv: do not include gbps unit in QoS config options. 16fba64
@eugeneia eugeneia Rename snabb-nfvconfig.yang to snabb-nfvconfig-v1.yang (version model).
@eugeneia eugeneia apps.ipsec.esp: do not keymat for both streams, accepts two key/salt
pairs instead.
lib.ipsec: get rid of confusing “keymat” term.
@eugeneia eugeneia lib.ipsec.esp: automatically pad window_size to implementation req. 8e1461b
@eugeneia eugeneia apps.ipsec.esp: refuse to operate with transmit_salt == receive_salt. d1012d4
@eugeneia eugeneia …ipsec: fix documentation typos.
@eugeneia eugeneia ipsec documentation: use $mdroot, include AES128gcm app docs.
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge PR #1054 (IPsec: update Snabb NFV integration) into ipsec b08c0e0
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge branch 'ipsec' into snabbnfv-traffic-yang 700905f
@eugeneia eugeneia snabb-nfvconfig-v1.yang: add crypto node.
@eugeneia eugeneia neutron2snabb: update test fixtures (ignoring the sillyness for now).
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge branch 'ipsec' into max-next
# Conflicts:
#	src/doc/
#	src/lib/ipsec/
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge PR #911 (YANG model for current SnabbNFV configuration) into ma…
@lukego lukego was assigned by eugeneia Oct 28, 2016
wingo commented Oct 28, 2016

For the YANG schema, isn't the internal versioning sufficient? SGTM though, we can work in parallel :)

Also as regards the relationship between YANG schemas and data configuration, you might be interested by Igalia#519, Igalia#517, and Igalia#525.

eugeneia commented Oct 29, 2016 edited

@wingo @plajjan pointed out that it depends on the kind of change, quote:

FYI, YANG is very strict when it comes to making modifications between revisions so for example you can't rename a leaf if you are to follow the rules. We might want to discuss how to deal with versioning (simple way is to put version in the name, like my-model-v1.yang).

Basically the versioned name makes sure we can “reuse” the “snabb-nfvconfig” name even if there are fundamental changes at the price of minimal ugliness.

@eugeneia eugeneia Merge PR #1051 (lib.protocol.ipv4: fix checksum method) into max-next

I appended #1051 because I thinks its obviously not positive.

lukego commented Nov 1, 2016 edited

I am concerned that renaming the traffic policing parameters in the NFV config file (commit 16fba64) will break any existing configuration files outside the git tree (actually to make them silently ignore the policing parameters.)

Is it important to make incompatible changes to the NFV config file here?

eugeneia commented Nov 1, 2016

Good catch! I don’t think its strictly necessary, I considered this more of a style issue (avoid units in leaf names).

I see multiple options to avoid the silent breakage:

  • make nfvconfig accept the old keys as a deprecated fall back
  • back out of the change
  • …?
lukego commented Nov 2, 2016

@eugeneia I reckon old names as a deprecated fallback is good for now 👍.

eugeneia added some commits Nov 2, 2016
@eugeneia eugeneia snabbnfv: support deprecated rx_police_gbps and tx_police_gbps.
@eugeneia eugeneia Merge PR #911 (snabbnfv: keep support for {rx,tx}_police_gbps) into m…
@lukego lukego merged commit 3e0642f into next Nov 3, 2016

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SnabbDoc Documentation as single HTML file
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@lukego lukego added a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 3, 2016
@lukego lukego Merge #1055 branch 'snabbco/max-next' into next c47074d
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