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RawSocket App (apps.socket.raw)

The RawSocket app is a bridge between Linux network interfaces (eth0, lo, etc.) and a Snabb app network. Packets taken from the rx port are transmitted over the selected interface. Packets received on the interface are put on the tx port.

DIAGRAM: RawSocket
          |           |
  rx ---->* RawSocket *----> tx
          |           |


The RawSocket app accepts a string as its configuration argument. The string denotes the interface to bridge to.

UnixSocket App (apps.socket.unix)

The UnixSocket app provides I/O for a named Unix socket.



The UnixSocket app takes a string argument which denotes the Unix socket file name to open, or a table with the fields:

  • filename - the Unix socket file name to open.
  • listen - if true, listen for incoming connections on the socket rather than connecting to the socket in client mode.
  • mode - can be "stream" or "packet" (the default is "stream"): the difference is that in packet mode, the packets are not split or merged (in both modes packets arrive in order).

NOTE: The socket is not opened until the first call to push() or pull(). If connection is lost, the socket will be re-opened on the next call to push() or pull().