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Solarflare Ethernet Controller Apps

Solarflare (apps.solarflare.solarflare)

The Solarflare app drives one port of a Solarflare SFN7 Ethernet controller. Multiple instances of the Solarflare app can be instantiated on the same PCI device. Packets received from the network will be dispatched between apps based on destination MAC address and VLAN. Packets taken from the rx port are transmitted onto the network. Packets received from the network are put on the tx port.

DIAGRAM: Solarflare
          |            |
  rx ---->* Solarflare *----> tx
          |            |

The Solarflare app requires OpenOnload version 201502 to be installed and the sfc module to be loaded.


The Solarflare app accepts a table as its configuration argument. The following keys are defined:

— Key pciaddr

Required. The PCI address of the NIC as a string.

— Key macaddr

Optional. The MAC address to use as a string. The default is a wild-card (e.g. accept all packets).

— Key vlan

Optional. A twelve bit integer (0-4095). If set, incoming packets from other VLANs are dropped and outgoing packets are tagged with a VLAN header.