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ipfix probe

The ipfix probe program runs an IPFIX meter and exporter on the packets coming in on an interface. It can be invoked like so:

./snabb ipfix probe [options] <input> <output>

The input argument names an interface on which to read traffic, and output indicates the interface on which to send exported UDP packets. For example, to take input from the Intel 82599 card at PCI address 03:00.0, send output to 03:00.1, and bind to the CPU 2, do:

./snabb ipfix probe --cpu 2 03:00.0 03:00.1

Usually you want to run ipfix probe using an input interface that receives a mirror of your "main" traffic flow.

See ./snabb ipfix probe --help for more documentation on options to pass to snabb ipfix probe, including options to set the IPv4 addresses of the exporter and collector (which default to and, respectively).