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Usage: snsh [OPTION]... [SCRIPT] [PARAMETER]...

Snabb Shell: Load the Snabb core and execute Lua source code.

Execute SCRIPT if specified and then exit.

  -i,        --interactive   Start an interactive Read-Eval-Print Loop.
  -e EXPR,   --eval EXPR     Evaluate the Lua expression EXPR.
  -l MODULE, --load MODULE   Load (require) the Lua module MODULE.
  -p PROG,   --program PROG  Run the program PROG instead of snsh.
  -t MODULE, --test MODULE   Test (selftest) the Lua module MODULE.
  -d,        --debug         Enable additional debugging checks.
  -j CMD,    --jit CMD       Control LuaJIT behavior. Available commands:
                               -jv=FILE, --jit v=FILE
                                 Write verbose JIT trace output to FILE.
                               -jdump=OPTS[,FILE] --jit dump=OPTS[,FILE]
                                 Output JIT traces, optionally to a file.
                               -jp=OPTS[,FILE] --jit p=OPTS[,FILE]
                                 Profile execution with low-overhead sampling.
                             See luajit documentation for more information:
  -P PATH,   --package-path PATH
                             Use PATH as the Lua 'package.path'.
  -q=repl,   --sigquit=repl  Enter the REPL on SIGQUIT (Control-\).
                             (Hook is only effective during engine.main().)
  -h,        --help          Print this usage message.