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Dear Reader,

This repository contains the source code of the code examples
used in the book "The Berkeley DB Book". The code for a particular 
chapter appears in the directory named after the chapter.

Some open source tools/libraries have been used in the code examples.
These tools/libraries were used to make the code portable across 
various UNIX and WINDOWS environments.

Packages used in the code examples:

   Listed below are the open source packages/tools used in the code examples. 

    a) SConstruct 
       - used for compiling the code
       - available at - http://www.scons.prg
    b) Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) 
       - provides a portable threading and communication library
       - available at  -

    c) Boost libraries
       - provide memory management and other utility C++ objects
       - available at -

In order to compile the code examples, you should first download and install
the software packages, listed above, on your machine. I compiled and ran the
code examples on Suse Linux 10. However, the code should work on most common
operating systems as I've not used any non portable system call or feature.

Since these packages are under active development it is possible that the
version that you download is different from the one I used. From my past
experience, the APIs in the newer version are largely compatible with the older 
versions. However, sometimes it is not possible to keep the API exactly same.
You might have to go through the new APIs and modify the example code 
appropriately in order to resolve issues resulting from version mismatch.

You will also need to modify the accompanying SConstruct files to work with
the directory structure and the install/include directories on your machine. If
you want you can also use some other build tool like "make".

I hope you'd enjoy reading the book.

Good luck!!
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