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% ack.tex - Acknowledgements
\section{``A Huge Thank You''}
\subsection{Proofing and Ideas}
These people gave their time and effort to do forking and proofing, and giving marvellous suggestions about the book during development:
Johan Sageryd
Og Maciel
Alistair Buxton
Miia Ranta (Myrtti)
Hassan Williamson (HazRPG)
Jonas Bushart
\subsection{\LaTeX{} Support}
These people provided invaluable \LaTeX{} support:
Johan Sageryd
Kevin Godby
Matthew Johnson
Ben Clifford
\subsection{Git Support}
\#git on for hosting the Git repository of GITT for providing information on the history of version control systems
%\index{git!git test@\textbf{git testbol}}
%\index{git!git tootesting}
%\indexref{git!git tootling}
%\indexcom{git!git rebase}{git rebase}