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; Created: 29th March 2002
; Updated: 30th September 2010
The FAQ list is under (constant) development. If you post a question on the
Tutorials forum (
it will be used to create one.
Q1: "How do I build STLSoft?"
You don't: STLSoft is 100% header-only, so all you have to do is #include
it. We do recommend that you use an environment variable, e.g. STLSOFT, so
that you can use new versions of the library from your projects without
Q2: "How do I install STLSoft?"
There are three steps:
1. Download the latest distribution of STLSoft, from
2. Unzip it to a directory of your choice, e.g /3pty/stlsoft-1.9.98
3. Define an environment variable STLSOFT, whose value is the directory
in which you unzipped it, e.g. STLSOFT=/3pty/stlsoft-1.9.98
Q3: "How do I use STLSoft?"
Assuming you've installed it (as per instructions A2):
In your IDE settings, add the include directory $(STLSOFT)/include, OR in
your makefiles, add the include directory:
* -I$STLSOFT/include (if you're on UNIX), OR
* -I%STLSOFT%/include (if you're on Windows)
Q4: "Does STLSoft have unit-tests?"
Yes, but for various reasons they're not available with the STLSoft 1.9
distribution. The STLSoft 1.10 alpha distributions come with an increasing
number of unit-/component-tests for both STLSoft 1.9 and STLSoft 1.10, and
when STLSoft 1.10 enters beta phase, it will ship with tests.
Q5: "What is STLSoft 1.10?"
STLSoft 1.10 is the next version of STLSoft. As well as containing several
new components, it also incorporates wholesale refactoring of code and of
the structural aspects (including packaging and directories). STLSoft 1.10
is still in alpha-delta stage (see A6).
Q6: "How do I use STLSoft 1.10?"
While it's still in alpha stage, the STLSoft 1.10 releases are in "delta"
form, i.e. they must be "added" to an up-to-date STLSoft 1.9 distribution.
This is achieved in one of two ways:
(1) Overwrite
You download and install STLSoft 1.9 as per A2. You then download the
STLSoft 1.10 alpha-delta archive and extract it directly over the STLSoft
1.9 directory.
(2) Include Path Interposition
You download and install STLSoft 1.9 as per A2. You then download the
STLSoft 1.10 alpha-delta archive and extract it to a separate directory,
defining an environment variable STLSOFT_1_10 to that directory. You then
specify the include paths in your IDE project files and in makefiles in
reverse order, as in:
* -I$STLSOFT_1_10/include -I$STLSOFT/include (if you're on UNIX), OR
* -I%STLSOFT_1_10%/include -I%STLSOFT%/include (if you're on Windows)
We strongly recommend using method (2).
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