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STLSoft - Known Issues:
; Created: 29th March 2002
; Updated: 21st June 2010
STLSoft 1.9 Known Issues:
* The "safe string" library compatibility is not done yet. This is planned
to be fully complete with 1.10.
* There are some problems with GCC 4+ in compiling the fixed array classes
with the subscript operators.
* The GCC atomic integer APIs are not yet used. This is planned for the
* The documentation is still hopeless. This will be addressed in the
release of 1.10.
* Several unixstl::system_traits methods are declared but not defined, with
the intention to flesh them out from Linux system calls (and have
emulations/workarounds for other architectures)
STLSoft 1.9 Suspected Issues:
* The SunPro C/C++ has not been fully tested, and remains speculative for
the moment
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