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This is a quick application to enable simple management of lighthouse tickets via console.
You will need the lighthouse API ruby wrapper:
and you will need to set the project and token vars in the application.
This command uses the lighthouse API to provide simple console based management of tickets.
ticket list
ticket projects - list all projects
ticket milestones - list all milestones
ticket list - list all tickets
ticket show 51
ticket resolve 51
ticket reopen 51
ticket assign 51 1024 (theres no command to list the users, you will have to get the user ids via the web interface)
ticket milestone 51 'v1'
ticket new title [user id] [milestone id]
For help use: ticket -h
-h, --help Displays help message
-v, --version Display the version, then exit
-q, --quiet Output as little as possible, overrides verbose
-V, --verbose Verbose output
Philip Mcmahon
Copyright (c) 2007 Philip Mcmahon. Licensed under the MIT License: