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mini but flexible and powerful logger for go
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mini but flexible and powerful logger for go


1.Do not call runtime.Goexit() in main , it will be blocking logger.Flush().


  • Console
  • File,supoort rotate base size
# Usage Example
package main

import ( "" "" "" )

var log logger.MiniLogger var accessLog logger.MiniLogger

//initLog func initLog() { var level uint8 switch cfg.GetString("log.console-level") { case "debug": level = logger.AllLevels case "info": level = logger.InfoLevel | logger.WarnLevel | logger.ErrorLevel | logger.FatalLevel case "warn": level = logger.WarnLevel | logger.ErrorLevel | logger.FatalLevel case "error": level = logger.ErrorLevel | logger.FatalLevel case "fatal": level = logger.FatalLevel default: level = 0 } log = logger.New(false, nil) log.AddWriter(console.NewDefault(), level) cfgF := files.GetDefaultFileConfig() cfgF.LogPath = cfg.GetString("log.dir") cfgF.MaxBytes = cfg.GetInt64("log.FileMaxSize") cfgF.MaxCount = cfg.GetInt("log.MaxCount") cfgLevels := cfg.GetStringSlice("log.level") if ok, _ := inArray("debug", cfgLevels); ok { cfgF.FileNameSet["debug"] = logger.AllLevels } if ok, _ := inArray("info", cfgLevels); ok { cfgF.FileNameSet["info"] = logger.InfoLevel } if ok, _ := inArray("error", cfgLevels); ok { cfgF.FileNameSet["error"] = logger.WarnLevel | logger.ErrorLevel | logger.FatalLevel } log.AddWriter(files.New(cfgF), logger.AllLevels)

accessLog = logger.New(false, nil)
//accessLog.AddWriter(console.NewDefault(), logger.AllLevels)
if cfg.GetBool("log.access") {
	accessCfg := files.GetDefaultFileConfig()
	accessCfg.LogPath = cfg.GetString("log.dir")
	accessCfg.MaxBytes = cfg.GetInt64("log.FileMaxSize")
	accessCfg.MaxCount = cfg.GetInt("log.MaxCount")
	accessCfg.FileNameSet = map[string]uint8{"access": logger.InfoLevel}
	accessLog.AddWriter(files.New(accessCfg), logger.InfoLevel)

log.With(logger.Fields{"func": "getMqConnection", "call": "pools.Get"}).Errorf("fail,%s", err)


//MiniLogger is a interface below: type MiniLogger interface { Debug(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Info(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Warn(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Error(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Fatal(v ...interface{}) Debugf(format string, v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Infof(format string, v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Warnf(format string, v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Errorf(format string, v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Fatalf(format string, v ...interface{}) Debugln(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Infoln(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Warnln(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Errorln(v ...interface{}) MiniLogger Fatalln(v ...interface{}) AddWriter(w Writer, levels uint8) MiniLogger Safe() MiniLogger Unsafe() MiniLogger With(fields Fields) MiniLogger }

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