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docs: zenodo example
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Expand Up @@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ Snakemake includes the following remote providers, supported by the correspondin
* GridFTP: ``snakemake.remote.gridftp``
* iRODS: ``snakemake.remote.iRODS``
* EGA: ``snakemake.remote.EGA``
* Zenodo: ``snakemake.remote.zenodo``
* AUTO: an automated remote selector

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -811,14 +812,15 @@ Zenodo UI and REST API responses were designed with having in mind uploads of a
Avoid creating uploads with too many files, and instead group and zip them to make it easier their distribution to end-users.
.. code-block:: python
from snakemake.remote.zenodo import RemoteProvider
import os
# let Snakemake assert the presence of the required environment variable
access_token = os.environ["MYZENODO_PAT"]
zenodo = RemoteProvider(deposition="your deposition id", access_token=access_token)
rule upload:
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