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When you start using Snakemake, please make sure to walk through the :ref:`official tutorial <tutorial>`.
It is crucial to understand how to properly use the system.

How does Snakemake interpret relative paths?

Relative paths in Snakemake are interpreted depending on their context.

* Input, output, log, and benchmark files are considered to be relative to the working directory (either the directory in which you have invoked Snakemake or whatever was specified for ``--directory`` or the ``workdir:`` directive).
* Any other directives (e.g. ``conda:``, ``include:``, ``script:``, ``notebook:``) consider paths to be relative to the Snakefile they are defined in.

If you have to manually specify a file that has to be relative to the currently evaluated Snakefile, you can use ``workflow.source_path(filepath)``.

.. code-block:: python
rule read_a_file_relative_to_snakefile:
"somecommand {input} {output}"
This will in particular also work in combination with :ref:`modules <snakefiles-modules>`.

Snakemake does not connect my rules as I have expected, what can I do to debug my dependency structure?

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