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Mailing list : test Mailing list : test License: CC BY-NC 4.0

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Silero VAD

Silero VAD - pre-trained enterprise-grade Voice Activity Detector (also see our STT models).

Real Time Example

Key Features

  • Stellar accuracy

    Silero VAD has excellent results on speech detection tasks.

  • Fast

    One audio chunk (30+ ms) takes less than 1ms to be processed on a single CPU thread. Using batching or GPU can also improve performance considerably. Under certain conditions ONNX may even run up to 4-5x faster.

  • Lightweight

    JIT model is around one megabyte in size.

  • General

    Silero VAD was trained on huge corpora that include over 100 languages and it performs well on audios from different domains with various background noise and quality levels.

  • Flexible sampling rate

    Silero VAD supports 8000 Hz and 16000 Hz sampling rates.

  • Flexible chunk size

    Model was trained on 30 ms. Longer chunks are supported directly, others may work as well.

  • Highly Portable

    Silero VAD reaps benefits from the rich ecosystems built around PyTorch and ONNX running everywhere where these runtimes are available.

  • No Strings Attached

    Published under permissive license (MIT) Silero VAD has zero strings attached - no telemetry, no keys, no registration, no built-in expiration, no keys or vendor lock.

Typical Use Cases

  • Voice activity detection for IOT / edge / mobile use cases
  • Data cleaning and preparation, voice detection in general
  • Telephony and call-center automation, voice bots
  • Voice interfaces


Get In Touch

Try our models, create an issue, start a discussion, join our telegram chat, email us, read our news.

Please see our wiki and tiers for relevant information and email us directly.


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Examples and VAD-based Community Apps

  • Example of VAD ONNX Runtime model usage in C++

  • Voice activity detection for the browser using ONNX Runtime Web