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A curated list of awesome "tech as dumpster fire" resources, inspired by and templated on awesome-python.

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Awesome Dumpsterfire Awesome


Widely applicable dumpster fires.


Javascript language-specific dumpster fires.

  • Wat - {} + {} = NaN. Wat.


When the dumpsterfire explodes.

Rotten Companies

The dumpsterfire is coming from inside the house

Other Resources

Not all failures are dumpsterfires.


Your contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

I will keep some pull requests open if I'm not sure whether those resources are truly awesome dumpster fires, you could vote for them by adding 👍 to them.

If you have any question about this opinionated list, do not hesitate to contact me @jhscott on Twitter or open an issue on GitHub.