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A curated list of awesome tech postmortem resources, inspired by and templated on awesome-python.

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Awesome Tech Postmortems Awesome

The postmortems, studies, and resources curated here are those which enable learning from incidents.

PSA: Incident Analysis is completely different than the standard postmortem process that you see written about in the Google SRE book and other incident marketing materials. It is a whole field of study and practice on extracting valuable data from incidents focusing on how.

Nora Jones

The postmortems linked generally do not meet the bar that Jones suggests for incident analysis -- because very few (no?) tech organizations publish them. However, many of the studies and resources linked do line up with the incident analysis perspective.



Bulk incident analysis

How to approach postmortems

Other lists of postmortems


Your contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.

I will keep some pull requests open if I'm not sure whether those resources are truly awesome tech postmortems, you could vote for them by adding 👍 to them.

If you have any question about this opinionated list, do not hesitate to contact me @jhscott on Twitter or open an issue on GitHub.

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