Infinite Scroll View for Titanium
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Infinite Scroll View for Titanium

The constructor has two optional parameters: the options object for the Titanium Scroll View and the options for InfiniScroll

var InfiniScroll = require('infini-scroll');
var myScrollView = new InfiniScroll({
  // Pass in any options you want your Ti.UI.ScrollView to have
  showVerticalScrollIndicator: true
}, {
  // trigger the scrollToEnd event at 82% of the way down
  triggerAt: '82%'

  // You could also specify triggerAt in device pixels from the bottom of the scroll view
  // triggerAt: '250dp'
  // Function to call when the event has occurredd
, onScrollToEnd: function(){
      myScrollView.add(new MyDataView(data).view);

Just add views to your InfiniScroll instance via myScrollView.add(myView) and it will re-adjust its events.

This is brand new

So, we haven't tested it out in Android quite yet. We'll get there.